From Exercise To A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone has the exact same amount of time each day. Most of the time it seems there are not enough hours in the day. There is so much to do it is hard to squeeze everything in much less fit an exercise routine into your daily schedule. But regular exercise provides many benefits to your lifestyle so if possible you should try to make this a priority in your daily life. This article will provide some common sense tips to help you squeeze some physical fitness into your daily schedule… And your improving health will thank you for the sacrifice! Continue reading From Exercise To A Healthy Lifestyle

Increase Your Vertical Jump

If you want to increase your vertical jump, this article will provide you a ton of knowledge and personal experience gaining a great vertical jump. Jumping can be a really fun exciting way to build power and strength; it also will help take your sport to the next level. Here you will learn the basics from how to eat, how to exercise and how recovery is key to success for achieving an eye popping vertical jump. Continue reading Increase Your Vertical Jump

Achieving Your Ultimate Performance Zone is the Key to Success as an Athlete

Every athlete strives to attain their “Ultimate Performance Zone”. But what really is this Ultimate Performance Zone (UPZ) and how can an athlete achieve this state on a more consistent basis? I have called it the UPZ because this state varies for each individual and it is up to each athlete to identify their own UPZ through self – education. Continue reading Achieving Your Ultimate Performance Zone is the Key to Success as an Athlete

Sport Combat Is Still Sport

Some weekend, I went to a friend’s house to enjoy a barbecue. At one point a friend of a friend came over to pick my brain about martial arts. He wanted to improve his health and get back into shape without injuring his back again.

He wanted to learn a good sport martial art that would give him a workout, but also teach him self defense. He looked confused when I told him that he wouldn’t be learning self defense, and the best he could hope for from most martial arts schools was a good workout. Continue reading Sport Combat Is Still Sport

Decathlon Secrets: World’s Greatest Athlete

The Decathlon crowns the World’s Greatest Athlete. Why? Because the Decathlon is a true test of every attribute of an athlete.

The Decathlon tests strength, mental toughness, consistency, commitment, technique, speed movements, jumping ability, flexibility, throwing ability, technique, hand-eye & hand-implement coordination, explosive power, endurance, agility, heart, and much more. Continue reading Decathlon Secrets: World’s Greatest Athlete

Green Tea, a Relaxing Drink

Since ancient times, green tea was a highly prized beverage in the Orient. There are even elaborate tea-drinking ceremonies held in the Orient and especially in Japan. At first, it was a seasonal drink and as such, quite expensive. This is because green tea is harvested from the tealeaves and buds that can only be obtained in the spring when the tea bush is putting out new growth. Continue reading Green Tea, a Relaxing Drink